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Jul 20 2013

Halfway there!

Yesterday we finished our second week of teaching.  Teaching math has become such a joy which is a complete change to how I felt during the first week (when it was stress inducing and I was feeling very insecure about my own math knowledge).  Lunch was added to the daily schedule so we now have 30 minutes for math (after lots of sugary snacks and the consequent sugar crash).  This has made me love and appreciate my role as their math teacher and combined it with “math actress” and general entertainer.  It’s definitely the Math Show in Room 304 with Ms. Q which is really fun for me because I remember LOVING Bill Nye the Science Guy as well as Ms. Frizzle’s Magic School Bus.
During my first few days I can honestly say that I felt frustrated with the idea that we are asking second graders to explicitly state the…

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Jul 08 2013

First day of teaching!!

I feel so truly blessed (“Too blessed to be stressed”) that I know such wonderful people, who I dearly miss, that are not only showing me tons of love on social media – thanks y’all, you know I love it – but who sent me the sweetest wishes last night, calming words, and awesome vibes…

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Apr 03 2013

Passing time

I finally am coming back to this little blog to report that I passed my NYS certification exams with flying colors! I could lie and pretend that this comes as surprise to me, but the truth is that the education I received at an all girls independent school on the Upper East Side was beyond…

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Jan 25 2013


I am beyond pleased, ecstatic, [insert any other word that expresses feelings of the utmost JOY] to share that I interviewed at Leadership Prep Brownsville this morning and will be joining their team this fall.  My sample teach was incredibly fun and I was so thrilled to share the company with the most well behaved…

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Jan 22 2013

Getting ready!

There is a lot of work involved in getting ready to join the corps!   I am so excited to have already accomplished: registering for my NYS Certification exams; starting the Violence and Child Abuse workshops; preparing for my demo lesson at a phenomenal charter school in Brooklyn this Friday.   Gearing up for all…

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Jan 16 2013

Hello world!

Welcome to my blog, the Tiny Teacher! I am currently a full time staff member at Teach For America and will begin teaching in Fall 2013 in New York City.   Hopefully, I will have lots of amazing and riveting things to say in this blog.  At any rate, I am so excited to meet…

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