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Jan 25 2013


I am beyond pleased, ecstatic, [insert any other word that expresses feelings of the utmost JOY] to share that I interviewed at Leadership Prep Brownsville this morning and will be joining their team this fall.  My sample teach was incredibly fun and I was so thrilled to share the company with the most well behaved five year olds I have ever encountered.  The objective for our lesson was onomatopoeia (which I am proud to report I can now spell without right-clicking for spell check).

Cows that type, hens that strike!

This is a fantastic book for young learners and if you are half as dramatic as I am then you will likely capture their attention for the whole time and leave them wanting to learn more all about onomatopoeia.  To be honest, I am really pleased with my laminated props and posters and am too excited that the Uncommon network embraces the level of perfection for which I strive.  Thank you New York Regional office for all the supplies and color printer :)

I would be remiss not to extend a thousand thanks to everyone at Teach For America that has inspired, motivated, coached, and supported me in this endeavor.  Thank you ABC, my favorite home-schooled Texan ever, for giving me the #tinyteacher pseudonym.  I also want to shower with love KBC (curriculum designer extraordinaire and mom of the cutest little boy on our IMT) for taking time out of her hard work to give me feedback on my lesson and share some excellent strategies with me to keep our youngest learners engaged.

After these long two days of anticipation, minimal sleep due to nerves (too excited to sleep, what’s up Disney?), and receiving an offer in addition to commiserating with another teammate on the intricacies of our staffing site, I am ready to sleep.

Tomorrow morning I’ll wake up bright and early to a snow capped NYC and my 4.5 hour long practice exam for NYS certification.  Following that and pending weather advisories, I am excited to volunteer to ice skate (volunteering is fun everybody! DO it) with NYC corps members and their students in Central Park.


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