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Apr 03 2013

Passing time

I finally am coming back to this little blog to report that I passed my NYS certification exams with flying colors!

I could lie and pretend that this comes as surprise to me, but the truth is that the education I received at an all girls independent school on the Upper East Side was beyond outstanding. The experience of taking this exam without truly studying or preparing for it (one diagnostic and a practice test do not constitute preparation) made me think about the opportunities that I was afforded and that my teachers found and gave to me.

This definitely reenergized me and encouraged me to take a step back from the hectic and chaotic nature of my work during this time of year, as well as reminded me of the importance of an amazing kindergarten in a child’s life. I am so excited to be an early elementary teacher this fall and am happy to share that I’ve finally started my pre work.

A special thanks goes to the TPT Design team for helping accommodate my eye doctor’s orders and getting hard copies of our readings so as to minimize my time spent looking at screens. In other news, I am so thrilled that I figured out how to post to tinyteacher from my phone.

Peace and love, your tinyteacher

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